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Redensifying Day Cream

Redensifying Day Cream

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Revitalizing Day Cream

Capacity: 500ml

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The pH value is close to the skin, easy to absorb, has anti-inflammatory and anti-redness effects, suitable for sensitive skin

product description:
The light and silky cream delivers essential nutrients to the skin while maintaining its moisture and elasticity. Provides immediate and long-term results for more radiant and younger-looking skin.

·Effectively increase skin elasticity, PH value is similar to skin ·Can be quickly absorbed by the skin ·Excellent moisturizing, softening, nourishing and soothing effects at the same time ·Anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, healing of burns and rashes ·Suitable for sensitive skin use

main ingredient:
·Organic Jojoba Oil
·Organic Elderberry
·Organic Lavender Water
·Organic Sweet Almond Oil
·Organic Apricot Pits
·Organic Shea Butter
·Rice Powder

Suitable for skin:
·Any skin, any person. Suitable for moderate to dry skin. Especially suitable for sensitive, redness and skin after minimally invasive treatment.

How to use: Every morning, apply evenly on the face, massage until absorbed. Recommended to use after Pixel Clinical Serum.
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