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Live Cells Skin Toner

Live Cells Skin Toner

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Cellular Tonic

Capacity: 150ml

Series: Live cells, all kinds of skin

Main ingredients: glycerin, polysaccharide, Phalaenopsis, allantoin, nut oil, iron loofah leaf extract, citric acid, lecithin

Key Benefits: This nourishing and balancing toner removes post-makeup grime and prepares skin to absorb the nourishing cream that follows. Its effect purifies and stimulates the skin's natural functions, leaving it cleansed and radiant after use, precious resources of African argan oil and rose extract. Provide sufficient nourishment to connect the fibrous tissue of the dermis, firm the skin, remove wrinkles, fight back the signs of aging from the root, and achieve the effect of rejuvenation.

How to use: In the morning or evening, after cleansing, pour tonic water into cotton, gently apply to face and neck, and then use moisturizer.

Remarks: It is best to use in the morning and evening
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