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Hydracream Fusion

Hydracream Fusion

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Water Oil Moisturizing Cleanser


The cleanser will emulsify into cleansing oil after being pushed on the skin surface. It has been certified by dermatologists. It can gently remove oil and dirt from pores, while strengthening and repairing the skin's natural water-locking barrier, reducing sensitive skin reactions.
The formula contains plant-extracted squalane, which can instantly adjust the skin's water-oil balance and promote keratin metabolism. The oily texture is aimed at repairing and creating a healthy water-locking barrier, keeping the skin hydrated and more comprehensively resisting external allergens.

In addition, Lactobacillus is added to effectively dissolve oil and thoroughly remove impurities in pores. Its anti-bad bacteria properties help prevent acne inflammation and create supple and clean skin.

Active ingredients:
‧ Plant-extracted squalane ‧ Lactobacillus

Main functions:
‧Regulate skin water and oil balance ‧Efficiently dissolve oil and thoroughly remove impurities from pores ‧Prevent acne inflammation ‧Calm and repair sensitive skin

How to use: Use in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount on the face and neck, massage in circular motions until the cleanser emulsifies into oil, wipe off with a wet cotton pad, and then rinse off with water.
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