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Aqua More Toning Lotion

Aqua More Toning Lotion

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Aqua More Toning Lotion

Capacity: 150ml

It has the function of balancing pH value so that the skin can absorb better and prepare for the use of skin care products

product description:
Balancing pH effect. Moreover, it has protective properties to prevent the skin from being affected by environmental pollution, making the skin soft and elastic, so that the irritated skin can be relieved quickly; it is also particularly effective in preventing the formation of skin erythema; the skin feels clean, soft and moist after use, especially suitable for sensitive skin use.

Regulates and balances the pH value of the skin Softens the stratum corneum of the skin surface Soothes and calms Improves defense Awakens tired and dull skin

main ingredient:
Ginseng Mimosa Green Tea Extract for Skin:
Any skin, anyone with dry, dehydrated, sensitive, combination skin

Use it twice a day, after washing your face, take an appropriate amount of toner with cotton and gently wipe it on your face.
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