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Aqua More Cleansing Milk

Aqua More Cleansing Milk

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Aqua More Cleansing Milk


Does not contain foaming agents Contains a variety of plant natural ingredients Does not irritate sensitive skin Also suitable for sensitive skin

product description:
Does not contain any irritants, will not damage the natural protective film of the skin, gently cleans the face, soothes and repairs damaged skin, and relieves skin sensitivity. Shea butter and natural glycerin can effectively improve dry skin, and the skin feels fresh, soothed, moist and smooth after cleansing.

Remove dirt and oil from pores Balance sebum secretion and pH value Enhance skin's natural defenses Main ingredients:
Aloe Vera
Shea Butter
Cornflower Cornflower
Natural GlycerineNatural Glycerine
Suitable for skin:
Any skin, any person, especially suitable for dry, dehydrated, sensitive, combination skin

How to use: Use it twice a day, take an appropriate amount of cleanser on the wet face and gently circle it, then wash it off with water.
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