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Bioforce cream

Bioforce cream

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Time-space reversal firming and anti-wrinkle cream

Capacity: 50ml

Active ingredients: extra cell matrix, nano AE microcapsules, BoNT_L botulinum, oligopeptide-5, cyclodextrin

Products with superior protective and anti-aging properties that help maintain the integrity of the skin's structure:
- Regulates normal and healthy skin growth, inhibits keratinization and replenishes nutrients
- Repair damage caused by sun exposure
- Prevents dryness, peeling and irregular pigmentation of the skin
- Inhibits free radical and UV damage
- Tighten facial contours and improve sagging in the jaw area

*Clinical tests found that ECM Moduline can effectively reduce facial wrinkles by 45%. Active ingredients: ECM Moduline, Nano LPD-AE, BoNT_L Peptide, Oligopeptide-5, Cyclodextrine
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