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Bioforce Lifting Gel

Bioforce Lifting Gel

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Time Reversal Eye and Lip Essence

Capacity: 30ml

Active ingredients: extra cell matrix, nano-AE microcapsules, BoNT_L-like botulinum, Widows?-5, cyclodextrin

Powerful anti-aging and anti-wrinkle essence, especially designed for the vulnerable areas of eyes and lips, rich in active ingredients (such as botulinum toxin, oligopeptide, cyclodextrin, allantoin and rosemary, etc.), can instantly enhance the contour , with immediate effect and long-lasting effect. Suitable for skin that is exposed to fatigue or long-term stress, product features:

- Enhance skin firmness and elasticity (Oligopetide-5)
- Reducing fine lines (BoNT_L Peptide)
- Remove puffiness (Cyclodextrine)
- Prevents the formation of dark circles

*After 28 days of clinical testing, it was confirmed that BoNT_L Peptide can eliminate 38% of wrinkles on average.
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