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Phytocell Eye Contour Cream

Phytocell Eye Contour Cream

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Phytocell Eye Contour Cream


Specially developed for crow's feet, dark circles and puffy eyes, the effect is excellent, taking care of various common eye problems in an all-round way.
The formula contains rich plant stem cell culture, herbal ingredients and nourishing and moisturizing factors.
The plant stem cell culture of Total Anti-Inflammation Rejuvenation Eye Essence is derived from comfrey.
Comfrey is a highly effective herbal medicine with powerful anti-inflammatory, healing and calming properties. Many tests have verified that comfrey can strengthen the skin's protective layer, prevent the loss of hyaluronic acid, and make the skin smooth and firm.

Therefore, the full-effect anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating eye essence milk containing high concentration of comfrey stem cell culture can:
• Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging • Anti-inflammatory activation, reduce dark circles • Improve firmness, smoothness and fineness
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