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Brightening Essence Gel 30ML

Brightening Essence Gel 30ML

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Brightening Essence Gel

Capacity: 30ml

Active ingredients: vitamin C glucose (2%) and licorice root extract.

Main functions: prevent the formation of melanin, promote collagen synthesis and block the damage caused by free radicals. Integrates anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidation and anti-spot functions.

How to use: According to skin type, it can be used as intensive or daily care. For mature skin or skin with pigmentation problems, after cleansing every morning and evening, take an appropriate amount and gently press on the face. During the high UV season such as summer or before outdoor activities (such as skiing in winter and swimming in summer)

Continuous use every day can improve the skin's ability to resist external environmental aggression. In order to achieve the best whitening and spot-removing effect, effective sunscreen products must be used continuously every day.
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