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Brightening Foam

Brightening Foam

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Brightening Peeling Cleansing Gel


Especially for dull skin with uneven skin tone

The brightening and rejuvenating cleansing gel contains mild fruit acid ingredients, aiming at restoring the skin's healthy renewal cycle, focusing on brightening dull skin and improving uneven skin tone, and easily washing out a whitening feeling.

The microbubble formula contains glycolic acid and lactic acid, which can quickly penetrate into the pores, remove old dead skin cells and blackheads, and promote the renewal of keratinocytes, enhance the water retention of new cells, and restore the skin to be bright, white and tender.

Active ingredients:
‧ Glycolic Acid ‧ Lactic Acid ‧ Aloe Vera Extract

Main functions:
‧ Mild fruit acid removes old dead skin cells and deeply cleanses the skin ‧ Original healthy skin renewal cycle ‧ Focus on brightening and whitening
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